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Nataki Appolon is an experienced lawyer, business coach and strategic advisor. Her passion lies in supporting female attorneys and entrepreneurs. Nataki provides assistance with creating the proper foundational business structures and guides her clients so they have the correct Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems (LIFT) in place. She also teaches clients how to protect their assets long term through effective estate planning. She understands that having the proper tools in place can often eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck. When you don’t have a solid foundation of legal, insurance, financial and tax systems in place, you simply can’t help but leak the energy that fuels everything into places of worry, doubt and fear.

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The investment for a LIFT Your Life and Business Planning Session is $850, but because it has the potential to be life-changing, is ultimately worth so much more. The full $850 is applicable to any future services you need. Schedule today to change your business and enhance your life!

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About Nataki Appolon

Nataki Appolon is considered is a well-respected and trustworthy lawyer in her community. She prides herself for being a well-rounded and solution-focused attorney, and provides undivided attention and time to every client.

She has a solid educational background and has earned degrees from reputable institutes – her undergraduate degree is from St. John’s University and her legal degree is from Hofstra University School of Law. Nataki has also worked with prestigious companies like Lexis Nexis and Turner Broadcasting (CNN).

Nataki combines her skills and experiences to provide outstanding client coaching services. Her passion for client service allows her to be an excellent business coach and advisor and you can be assured this is the beginning of a lifetime relationship that will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are making the best legal decisions throughout your life and that your business and family will be well taken care of when you are no longer here.

How does she stand apart? Through her experience, sympathetic approach, and consultative skills. Over the years, Nataki has assisted several clients and peer attorneys with overcoming difficulties in their business and practice and helps them reconnect with a business and practice they love.

About Nataki

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